Incorporation, Transition and Governance

Strategic Governance Position
On August 22, 2012, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors adopted Resolution 011-12 related to the recent governance study and community outreach efforts. The resolution states that an incorporation election will be deferred indefinitely and staff is directed to develop a plan to report annually on any significant changes in community needs or potential financial consequences of incorporation so that the Board of Directors may consider any further actions. Later that year, the Board adopted the Governance Strategy and Assessment Report, which provides a multi-level approach for evaluating and escalating a change in governance structure.

In 2014, The Woodlands became eligible to incorporate as a municipality based on Regional Participation Agreements with the Cities of Houston and Conroe and legislation passed in 2007. An incorporation election has not been called; however, incorporation or a change in governance structure remains an option through November 16, 2057.