Incorporation, Transition and Governance

Incorporation Planning

In 2017, the Township successfully pursued legislative changes to allow a clearer path to Incorporation and transition from the Township to a new city. The Woodlands has had the ability to incorporate since 2014; however, state statutes did not provide for incorporation of a community as large as The Woodlands. With the new legislation, an incorporation election would also require that voters approve a maximum initial tax rate. To prepare the community for future governance decisions, the Township Board is initiating an Incorporation Planning Study in 2018. 

In August 2017, the Board authorized the release of a Request for Qualifications and Proposals for an incorporation study, as the first step in a governance planning process. In early December 2017, the Township received proposals from seven excellent consulting teams. The proposals submitted by these groups included tasks to be completed by various consulting firms, university partners, financial firms and engineering firms who are part of joint proposals to provide Incorporation Planning Services to the Township. After careful review of the seven proposals received, a Special Township Task Force comprised of Chairman Bunch, Director McMullan and Director Snyder recommended that The Woodlands Township Board of Directors interview four firms, and this was confirmed by the full Board at the special Board meeting on Thursday, January 4, 2018. 

The four groups were interviewed by the full Board in open session at the January 18, 2018,  Board Planning Session. The order of presentations was determined by ballot drawing. The teams interviewed are led by the following consulting firms (listed in the order of interview): 

Matrix Consulting Group 


The Novak Consulting Group 


At the Special Board Planning Session, the Board selected the team led by Matrix Consulting Group as the consultant for the Incorporation / Planning Study and authorized President/General Manager Don Norrell to negotiate with Matrix and a second firm for peer review and validation of financial results. The negotiated agreements are anticipated to be presented for Board consideration and approval in February. 

To view the proposals submitted by the four interviewed firms in response to the Request for Qualifications and Proposals, click on the links above. Additional information is also included in the Agendas, Minutes and More section of the website under each of the respective meeting agendas, including the full video of the interviews held during the January 18, 2018 Special Board Planning Session.