Montgomery/Harris County Differences

The Village of Creekside Park
The Village of Creekside Park is the newest village in The Woodlands Township, officially opening for business in October 2007. The Village of Creekside Park is fully within the award-winning parks and pathway system of The Woodlands Township and features the incredible Rob Fleming Park and the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. Today, Creekside Park has approximately 1,500 residents and ultimately will have between 18,000 to 20,000 residents.

The entirety of The Village of Creekside Park is located within Harris County as opposed to Montgomery County. As a result, The Village of Creekside Park has some distinct differences from the other villages in The Woodlands Township.

First, the homes in The Village of Creekside Park are zoned to Tomball Independent School District. Homes in the other villages in The Woodlands Township are zoned to Conroe Independent School District or to Magnolia Independent School District.

Second, law enforcement and emergency fire and medical services are somewhat different. Law enforcement services for The Village of Creekside Park are provided by Harris County Precinct #4 Constable and The Woodlands Township contracts with the Constable's Office to assign officers to Creekside Park on an additional basis. Emergency fire and medical services are provided by The Woodlands Township. In this regard, Creekside Fire Station is expected to be completed by the Township in July, 2011. A temporary station in Creekside Park is fully operational and provides service to the Village of Creekside Park. The new fire station will also accommodate an ambulance unit from Cypress Creek EMS. Cypress Creek EMS provides ambulance services to complement the first-response emergency medical services provided by The Woodlands Township.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you witness any criminal activity, it is important to call 9-1-1 immediately. If you see activity that is suspicious in nature, but you do not believe it is an emergency, contact Harris County Precinct #4 Constable at 281-376-3472 or Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-442-7797.

Third, the elections process is different. In general, Texas election law requires The Woodlands Township to establish a polling place within each of its election precincts. One exception to this requirement is that a polling place may be established outside of an election precinct if the authority calling the election participates in a joint election.

Montgomery County routinely runs joint elections and residents that live in the Montgomery County portion of The Woodlands Township are able to vote on Township and other matters at their county polling place. Harris County only runs a joint election if Harris County itself calls and conducts an election. When The Woodlands Township participates in a joint election with Harris County, all polling hours and locations are designated by the County and may differ from the polling hours in Montgomery County.

To vote in the Township and other governmental elections, you must be registered to vote in the county in which you reside. To learn more about voter registration in the State of Texas, visit or visit your respective county's election site at or