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Do the pools close if it’s raining?
No, the pools do not close for rain unless it rains hard enough that the bottom of the pool cannot be seen by the lifeguard staff.


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1. Do the pools close if it’s raining?
2. What is a thunder break and how long does it last?
3. Why do the pools have safety breaks?
4. May I bring a cooler or food items into the pool?
5. What do we do if we want to bring a guest?
6. What are the requirements for using the baby pool?
7. Can babies wear diapers in the pool?
8. Can my child go off the diving board with a life jacket or may I catch them?
9. How old must you be to come into the pool alone?
10. Can you rent the pools out for private parties?
11. Where can I purchase pool passes?
12. Can you leave the pool and return the same day or leave one pool and go to another with a daily pass?
13. If I don’t plan on swimming and am only watching others in my group, do I have to pay to enter the pool area?
14. Do you take credit cards for daily fees?
15. How many lifeguards do you have?
16. What is Splash Day?
17. Is smoking permitted inside the pool facility?
18. Do all pool facilities comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

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