Where are the FAQ from the 2012 Governance Forums?
Please view the link below.Governance 2012 FAQ

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1. Where are the FAQ from the 2012 Governance Forums?
2. Where is my Township Tax bill?
3. When is my Township Tax due?
4. Where can I call for questions about the Township Tax bill?
5. What does the Township Tax pay for? What services are we paying for? Will I still receive a Homeowners Association Assessment Bill?
6. I escrow taxes. How do I know if The Woodlands Township Property Tax has been paid?
7. What is transition?
8. How do I submit a transition question?
9. Why was a transition necessary?
10. What benefit should I see from the transition?
11. When will The Woodlands become a city? Why are we not a city now?
12. When are the Township elections?
13. Are the Village Associations going to continue as they are under the Township?
14. What is the current property tax rate?
15. What is the Township?
16. What exemptions are applicable towards The Woodlands Woodlands Township tax?
17. In the event of a sale of a home, would the seller be reimbursed of the tax for the remaining months of the year by the buyer?
18. Is The Woodlands, including the new village of Creekside Park, subject to annexation by Houston?
19. Does Harper’s Landing have representation in The Woodlands Township and the Village Associations?