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Special Event Permit Pre Application

  1. Include Set-up, Take Down & Clean Up

  2. Will event occur on Township property, park, pathway or trail?

  3. Will event occur on a public road or street?*

    If "Yes", please Email proof of approval from County Commissioner.

  4. Will there be more than 50 people anticipated to attend?*

  5. Will there be an admission fee charged?*

  6. Will the event include fundraising?*

  7. Will the event include the sale of goods, products, wares or services?*

  8. Will games, amusement rides, bounce houses, animals or similar entertainment activities be offered?*

  9. Will food or beverage be sold?*

  10. Will alcohol be consumed or sold?*

  11. Will amplified sound, musice or bands be present?*

  12. Will tents larger than 10 Ft x 10 Ft be used?*

  13. Will portable restrooms be used?*

  14. Will the sponsor, producer and/or agent obtain any & all requirements such as insurance, health permit, security, etc.*

  15. Will the event be santioned by any agency, body or professional organization?*

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