Alan B. Benson

Executive Team
Title: Fire Chief
Phone: 281-367-3444
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Alan Benson About Chief Benson
He earned degrees from Oklahoma State University in secondary education and engineering technology. His extensive experience includes serving as an instructor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management Institute, Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma State Fire Service Training.

Chief Benson’s wide range of Emergency Management experience includes floods, tornados, hurricanes and terrorist bombings. During the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Chief Benson served as the Operations Chief within the multi-agency coordination center and in the same capacity during the 1999 F5 tornado in Oklahoma City which was considered one of the largest tornados ever recorded. He also acted as Incident Commander for South Montgomery County, Texas during Hurricane Ike, which ranked as the third costliest tropical storm in the U.S.

Chief Benson presides over the firefighters and administration utilizing his fresh outlook on fire service, training and community leadership. His various career accomplishments establish him as a dynamic leader both within the fire department as well as The Woodlands community as a whole.

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