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Safety Tips
Campfire Safety
  • Watch children and keep them a safe distance from the fire.
  • Do not throw anything into the fire, even wood.
  • Do not remove hot or burning materials from the fire.
  • Watch wind direction; keep sparks off flammable materials.
  • Remember that fires of any kind, except in barbecue grills, are prohibited in The Woodlands parks.

Camping Tips
  • Follow the instructions for setting up your tent. It's designed to be water repellent only when set up properly.
  • Use a ground cloth or tarp under the tent to keep the tent floor dry. The cloth shouldn't extend beyond the tent.
  • Set up your tent on a gentle slope to prevent the rainwater from accumulating in camp.
  • Always keep the tent secured (at least the insect screen) to prevent animals from getting inside.
  • Sleep with a window vent partially open to prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the tent.
  • If cold weather is expected, sleep with the next day's clothes in your sleeping bag to keep them warm for the next morning.
  • Wearing too many clothes when sleeping causes you to sweat, which will make you colder.
  • When going anywhere, always take someone with you for safety.
  • Know the weather forecast for the area so you'll be prepared for conditions that may occur.

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