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Compost Recipe

Brown Stuff + Green Stuff + Air + Water = Recipe for Success!composting bin

  • Place composting bin on bare soil in a convenient location near a water source.
  • Start compost pile with leaves and plant trimmings.
  • Cut kitchen scraps into small pieces to speed decomposition.
  • Bury kitchen scraps.
  • Keep material as moist as a well-wrung out sponge.
  • Stir or turn pile regularly to add air.

Keep Your Compost Bin Cookin'!

 Add Green Stuff  Keep Out!
 Vegetable scraps and peelings   Oils or animal fats
 Fruit peelings and cores  Meat or fish scraps
 Spoiled produce  Bones
 Egg shells  Dairy products
 Coffee grounds and filters  Peanut butter
 Tea bags  Diseased plants
 Grass clippings  Weed seeds
 Spent plants and trimmings  Pet waste

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