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Managing Leaves
Leaves Are Too Valuable to Throw Away!
An undervalued commodity, leaves are an investment for the health of your landscape! Leaves bank 50 to 80 percent of a tree’s nutrients, yielding a treasure trove for plants. Reap the benefits of leaves by recycling nutrients back into the soil in these easy ways.

For Light Leaf Drop: Mow and Leave!
  • Mulching mower works best
  • Remove bag, close discharge shoot and mow
  • A light layer shreds easily and decomposes quickly
  • Improves soil by adding organic matter
  • Efficient and easy

      For Heavy Leaf Fall: Gather for Mulch! 
      • Rake or blow leaves and pine needles into beds
      • Greatly reduces weeds
      • Conserves soil moisture
      • Protects plant roots from temperature extremes
      • Adds nutrients to soil as leaves break down

          OR: Make Compost!
          • Collect leaves in a compost bin
          • Add grass clippings, produce scraps, air and water
          • In time, the mixture becomes crumbly, rich humus
          • Use to topdress lawn and garden beds or mix into soil
          • Improves physical, chemical and microbial properties of soil

            Don't let it go down the drain! Yardwaste in storm drains causes flooding and creates mosquito breeding sites.

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