Mobile Ticketing

The Woodlands Express Park and Ride offers paper-free ticketing

The Woodlands Express Park and Ride has a mobile ticketing app, allowing riders to purchase tickets on their smartphones anytime, anywhere and then display them on screen when boarding the bus.

Riders using the app can pay for tickets using a credit or debit card, or via digital payment services such as Masterpass and Apple Pay. Both round-trip tickets and ticket books, which give riders 20 round trip tickets, are available. Once purchased, the tickets work offline and are stored in the app, to be displayed on screen as a digital watermark which is read when boarding. The app is available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Paper tickets issued by The Woodlands Township will be honored for the foreseeable future. Paper tickets issued by the Brazos Transit District (BTD) or Montgomery County are no longer being accepted.

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Mobile Ticketing Terms and Conditions 

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