Register Your Garden

Garden registry recognizes community members who’ve taken steps to protect pollinators. Registrations also allow us to see how well our community is doing at increasing habitat. We will also monitor these efforts community-wide to increase habitat for pollinators.

A pollinator garden can take many shapes: a dedicated garden bed, a group of containers or a sunlit edge of a natural area. It can be in your backyard, on your patio, in a cul-de-sac or on the property of your office, school or place of worship.

Gardens don’t have to take a lot of space, money or time. Providing the basic needs of pollinators is all that’s required.  

  • Food – provide a mix of plants so that blooming occurs spring, summer and fall
  • Shelter – bare ground, shrubs, trees, piles of leaves or rocks
  • Water – clean water from a fountain, bird bath, pond or shallow dish
  • A chemical-free space – avoid using chemicals in and near your garden

Plant for Pollinators Village Challenge

Register between June 1 and December 1 and earn a point for your village association. Program sponsors, The Woodlands GREEN and Project PolliNation, will contribute scholarship money to the villages associations with the most points. 

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