Township Reserve Tree and Vine Trimming Bordering Private Property

The management of the community’s forest is guided by the Integrated Forest Management Plan.  A component of the plan addressed fence line vegetation control in light of forest health and fire hazard mitigation.

To address this concern, residents are permitted to maintain up to a three-foot trimming and pruning buffer from the edge of their property line into an adjacent Township reserve. This does not include tree removal, but typically includes the removal of understory plants (Yaupon, Wax Myrtles) and vines. Disposal of the removed vegetation can be addressed through The Township’s weekly yard trimmings collection

No living tree greater than six inches in diameter as measured at a point two feet above natural grade may be removed without prior written approval from The Woodlands Township.  If there are questions about a tree in a reserve that is adjacent to your home, please contact The Woodlands Township.