Recycling Guidelines

Curbside Recycling Service

For curbside pick-up, use the 96-gallon recycling cart with the yellow lid to place all your standard recyclables together, no sorting or bagging. Please rinse cans, bottles and containers. Only clean paper products are recyclable. 


Please follow these guidelines to ensure proper recycling. Failure to comply can result in landfilling loads of recyclable materials.
  1.  Only these items are accepted. All others are contaminants.
  2.  No plastic bags or film. 
  3.  Do not bag recyclables. Leave them loose.
  4.  Only clean paper. No food stains or grease. 
  5.  Empty and rinse containers and cans.

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ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS - Recycle only these items. All others are contaminants that harm the recycling process

Acceptable Materials How to prepare:
Cans - Aluminum, tin or steel cans Empty and rinse
Cartons – Milk, juice and soup containers Empty, rinse and keep caps on
Cardboard – Boxes, paperboard and tubes Flatten boxes. Schedule bulk pickup if needed.
Glass - Bottles and jars of all colors Empty and rinse. Food containers only. No ceramic, mirrors, plates/cups or pyrex. 
Paper – Office paper, phone books, mail, newspaper, paper bags and magazines Clean paper only. No pizza boxes, paper towels or food stained materials.
Plastic Containers #1-5 – Bottles, tubs and jars Empty, rinse and keep caps on. Rigid containers only. No plastic bags or film.
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UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS - Anything that isn’t on the Acceptable Materials list including these items cannot go in the recycling cart. Seek other recycling opportunity or throw in trash.

Unacceptable Materials (Contaminants) Alternative disposal options:
Plastic bags, films and case wrap Any clean, dry and stretchy film other than 
frozen food bags can be recycled at 
grocery stores. Examples: newspaper 
sleeves, bread bags, bubble wrap, shrink 
Clothing, linens and home goods Donate clean, usable items to charitable 
organizations. Donation Guide 
Yard trimmings Check curbside collection guidelines.
Pizza boxes Tear off the clean top for recycling. Throw 
greasy part in trash.
Chip bags, candy wrappers and food 
Flexible packaging must be thrown away. 
Only recycle rigid containers marked 1-5.
Chemicals, paints and hazardous waste Check the Recycle More Guide for options.
Electronics and batteries Check the Recycle More Guide for options.
Shredded Paper Plain, non-glossy shredded paper may be evenly mixed with leaves, placed in a certified compostable bag and included with weekly yard trimming set out. Check Curbside Collection Guidelines.
Styrofoam Check the Recycle More Guide for options.

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