The Woodlands Pathway System

The Woodlands pathway system is designed to connect users to individual neighborhoods, parks, schools and retail centers. All pathways are multi-use. Users should expect to encounter all kinds of users, including walkers, cyclists and wheelchairs. Pathway maintenance vehicles are also often seen on the pathways.

To promote a safe environment for all pathway users, The Woodlands Parks and Recreation Department recommends the following:
  • Show courtesy and respect to other pathway users.
  • Use right side of the pathway; pass on the left.
  • Avoid putting yourself and others at risk.
  • Listen for audible signals; allow other pathway users to pass.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them.
  • Always yield to wheelchairs.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited (except for handicapped or maintenance).
  • Bike at a reasonable speed.

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Pathway Map

Grogans Point Pathway
  1. Pedestrians
  2. Bicyclists
  3. Rollerbladers
Guidelines for Pedestrians on Pathways: 
  • Stay to the right.
  • Watch for other pathway users.
  • Be especially alert when running.
  • Listen for audible signals and allow faster pathway users to pass freely.

Electric Scooters on Streets and Pathways

While Texas legislation provides that electric scooters and gas scooters with engines less than 40cc may be ridden on public thoroughfares, this law only extends to counties and municipalities. The pathways in The Woodlands do not fall into this category; they are owned by The Woodlands. Therefore, motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the pathways. The only exceptions are motorized wheelchairs and the pathway maintenance vehicles.