Gifts for Our Community Program

About the Program
Our community is the result of the vision of its founder, George Mitchell, who is known for his generosity in funding public projects. Our community has benefited from his commitment to public open space and unique sculptures.

The Woodlands Township recognizes the benefit of these amenities and welcome both private and corporate contributions to keep this vision alive. Contributions may be in memory or recognition of a friend, family member or colleague and may be recognized or anonymous, depending on what the donor desires.

In order to preserve the integrity of design and planning, The Woodlands Township will work with prospective donors regarding cost, design, site selection and timing. 

Sponsor a Project
The Woodlands Township is able to meet with you to identify or design an individualized project to honor a special person. The approved items will offer opportunities for permanent memorials or recognition while complying with the standards of The Woodlands:
  • Park bench with concrete pad 
  • Picnic table
  • Drinking fountain
  • Pathway bridge
  • 45-gallon tree 
  • Bronze plaque with concrete base 
  • Other items may be available. Suggestions are always welcome! 
More Information
For more information, e-mail the Gifts for Our Community Program or call 281-210-3800.