The Integrated Forest Management Plan has seven forestry-based initiatives that help us to manage the urban forest in The Woodlands. They include:

  • Community awareness
  • Reforestation inventory assessment and reforestation of priority sites
  • Hazard tree inventory and assessment
  • Invader species and brush control programs
  • Insect and disease monitoring programs
  • Development of an integrated geographical information system (in the future)

Priority Sites

During the winter, the focus of the plan revolves around the reforestation of priority sites. Priority sites are determined by several factors, including those areas that need plantings due to hazard tree removal and invasive species and brush control initiatives. 

Reforestation - Planting Trees
Reforestation - Bulldozing Equipment


Our goal for reforestation is to plant at least two times the number of trees that we remove. Additionally, throughout the year we receive and encourage residents throughout the community to submit reforestation requests. Upon receiving requests we inventory the site to determine what the need is and add it to a list of priority sites for planting in the winter. 

Approximately 60,000 trees and seedlings have been planted over the past several years and include species of oaks, Loblolly Pine, Longleaf Pine, Wax Myrtle, Yaupon, Green ash, elderberry and Red Maple. All planting occurs during the planting season, which usually extends from November to March. 

To request reforestation, or if you have any questions regarding the Integrated Forest Management Plan, please call The Woodlands Parks and Recreation office at 281-210-3900.