Hazardous Trees

Hazardous Trees in The Woodlands

The Integrated Forest Management Plan outlines an initiative to prevent damage caused by hazard trees. Hazard trees have structural defects that may result in property damage or personal injury.

Inventory and Assessment Initiative

The Hazard Tree Inventory and Assessment Initiative started with the implementation of a hazard tree tagging system. This system consists of identifying hazardous trees, documenting them using a hazard tree rating chart and tagging each one. This system helps track causes of tree mortality as well as the species and height of each tree and its removal date. Employees are trained in hazard tree identification, and only those who have had training may conduct hazard tree inventory.

Hazardous Tree Removal

The Woodlands Township encourages residents and businesses to remove the hazards presented by dead trees on their properties. The foundation of The Woodlands and its aesthetic appeal of a beautiful forest along with protection of property values is derived from strict covenants on residential and commercial properties. All property owners in The Woodlands are bound by these covenants, including the removal of dead trees, which does not require pre-approval from The Woodlands Township. However, it is appreciated when The Woodlands Township is notified.

Please note, dead trees and other items including underbrush must not be discarded into forest reserves, which creates unsightliness and fire hazards. Please dispose accordingly, either by hauling or curbside, depending on the amount of debris. 

For private property, commercial and residential property owners are responsible for removal of dead trees on their properties. For public property, please refer to the table below.

  1. Park / Open Reserve
  2. Road Right-of-Way
Responsible Party: The Woodlands Township
Phone: 281-210-3800 

More Information

For more information on the removal of hazard trees, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 281-210-3900.