The Woodlands Township Interactive Parks and Pathways GIS Map

Click anywhere within the map to access the GIS map. General instructions are below.

New GIS Pathway Map

Instructions for the GIS Map

Welcome to The Woodlands Interactive Parks, Pathways, Pools, Nature Preserve & Trails GIS Web Map. The Woodlands offers 150 parks including George Mitchell Nature Preserve, and over 200 miles of hiking, biking and jogging trails and pathways for walking, running, roller-blading and biking, pools, amenities, community and recreation facilities, resources and more.

Users can explore the interactive GIS map and features using different functions and tools such as ’Park Info Summary’ to display list of all parks. Click on a specific park from list panel to display park feature on the map and display list of park amenities, and ’Parks and Aquatic Pools Near Me’ to list parks and pools within a specified search distance from a location.

Other examples of the web map capabilities and functionality, and instructions on how to use map functions and tools, include:

  • Click on any map feature to display pop-up information panel such as village feature for list of parks within a village and village name, park feature for summary list and count of unique amenities per park and park name, or click on any map icon to display specific information related to the amenity feature.
  • Use ’Search’ box to find and zoom to a specific park by name or address on the map or find an aquatic pool or sprayground by name too.
  • Click on the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in or out of the map, click Home button to return to default map extent. Another method to zoom in to an area of the map, hold down Shift key while simultaneously holding down left mouse button and drag mouse cursor over map to draw a box of area to zoom.
  • To pan the map, hold down left mouse button while dragging mouse cursor over the map.
  • Click the Park Name URL within an amenity icon pop-up info panel to visit the associated park facility web page, and to view an image attachment or photo of the amenity just click the ’Attachments’ URL.
  • Utilize ’My Location’ function to find your physical location on the map such as location along a pathway or trail while biking or hiking (with smart device GPS tracking enabled), and more!

For online information regarding The Woodlands Parks and Recreation Department, Park & Nature Preserve Rules, Hours, and Prohibited Items, please visit:

Disclaimer - The data displayed in this web map has been prepared by The Woodlands Township GIS and is for informational purposes only. Although every attempt has been made to ensure that this Data is accurate, correct and complete, it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. It has not been prepared for or is not suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of park, nature preserve & property boundaries. The Woodlands Township makes no representations or warranties regarding its accuracy or completeness and assumes no liability for its use.