My backyard gets water from both of the yards behind mine. Is that unusual?
No, not really. In The Woodlands, the developer has deliberately designed around the existing natural drainage patterns as much as possible, to preserve the native trees and shrubs. That means that lot-to-lot drainage may occur, and when it does, the best thing to do is make the most of it by planting or maintaining plants that thrive in that condition. A guide to natural landscaping is available by calling 281-210-3973.

If you feel adversely impacted by a particular situation, the best thing to do is contact your neighbors directly. Texas law requires that the owners of land ensure that the placement of any improvement or landscaping does not halt or impede the flow of water or redirect it or increase the amount of water flowing off of or onto neighboring land. Enforcement of this requirement is by the neighboring landowners.

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9. My backyard gets water from both of the yards behind mine. Is that unusual?
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