Isn’t it the responsibility of law enforcement to keep us safe?
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4 do an excellent job of patrolling our community, but they cannot be everywhere at all times. In addition, if we are familiar with our neighborhoods and the people who live there, we are much more likely than anyone else – including a law enforcement officer – to be aware when something or someone looks suspicious.

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1. What law enforcement agencies patrol The Woodlands?
2. Sometimes I see something that looks suspicious, but I’m not sure it is. How do I know if I should contact law enforcement?
3. Is there a neighborhood watch program in The Woodlands?
4. How can I start a neighborhood watch on my street?
5. Why does The Woodlands need a neighborhood watch program? I thought we weren’t supposed to have much crime here?
6. If we are already a safe community, why do I need to worry about taking precautions against crime?
7. Does this mean I’m going to have to go to a lot of trouble and expense to keep my home safe?
8. Isn’t it the responsibility of law enforcement to keep us safe?
9. Is soliciting illegal in The Woodlands?
10. How can I get a house numbering paint kit?
11. How do I report a non-emergency concern after hours?