What is the inclement weather policy?

If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, then kayak operations will be closed until 30 minutes has passed with neither thunder nor lightning occurring. If you and your party are out on the lake, then go to Northshore, Southshore, The Cove, or Lakes Edge Boat House and find shelter until the weather passes.

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1. Where are the Boat Houses located?
2. Where can you park for the Boat Houses?
3. What are the hours of operation?
4. Are the Boat Houses open for the holidays?
5. How old must you be to rent a kayak/SUP?
6. What is needed to rent a kayak/SUP?
7. How can you pay for your kayak/SUP rental?
8. Is it o.k. for a group of people to rent out kayaks/SUPs and swap people in and out of them?
9. Do the Boat Houses offer group discounts or private parties?
10. Are food and drinks allowed in the kayaks and SUPs?
11. Is fishing allowed in Lake Woodlands?
12. What is the inclement weather policy?
13. Do the Boat Houses offer any programs?
14. How do you properly prepare yourself to go kayaking at a Boat House?
15. Do the Boat Houses take reservations?
16. Can I rent a kayak/SUP if I have no previous training?
17. What type of kayaks/SUPs do the Boat Houses offer?
18. Where are we allowed to paddle?
19. Do we need to bring a life jacket?
20. Are the kayaks big enough to hold all of my personal belongings?
21. Do you allow dogs to ride in the kayaks/SUPs?
22. Can we put three people in a kayak?
23. Can two people go out on one SUP?
24. Can we rent from one boat house and return our kayak/SUP to the other location?