What exemptions are applicable towards The Woodlands Township tax?

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors adopted a resolution June 2023 establishing a $50,000 residential homestead exemption for individuals who are disabled or are sixty-five (65) years of age or older. The other applicable homestead exemption is the State-mandatory Veterans exemption which will vary from 25 percent to 100 percent depending on disability rating by the Veteran's Administration. In addition, a general residential exemption of 3% of the appraised value of residence homestead was also adopted. 

The forms to apply for these exemptions can be requested at the appropriate Central Appraisal Districts. In Montgomery County, call 936-756-3354, Metro Line 936-441-2186, or visit the Montgomery Central Appraisal District website. If in Harris County, call 713-957-7800 or visit the Harris County Appraisal District website

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