How can I make changes when on the Review & Submit Step?

Do NOT click on the “browser” back button but on the BACK button located at the bottom of each screen.

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1. What is the Covenant Administration Civic Access Portal?
2. Why do I have to register for Civic Access?
3. How do I register?
4. What if I get a message that my email is already in use?
5. Does it cost anything to register?
6. Do Civic Access accounts expire or must be renewed?
7. How do I update my account information?
8. Do we need to register per person, or can you create one account for the company?
9. What can I access without an account?
10. I’m already registered but it’s not letting me log in.
11. Can I access Civic Access on my phone?
12. I can’t find a contact I want to add to my permit or plan. What should I do?
13. Can I use one of my saved template permits when applying for a trade permit off of a master building permit?
14. Where do I go to submit a Plan?
15. How can I make changes when on the Review & Submit Step?
16. Can I start my application in one session and complete it at another time?
17. Where do I find my plan review comments?
18. Can I check to see what application deposits I have due online?
19. Can I pay deposits online?
20. Is there a way to figure out my deposits without applying for the permit?
21. Can someone other than the applicant make a payment online?
22. How do I view the schedule of a Township Field Representative Site Visit?
23. How do I discuss a Township Field Representative Site Visit?
24. Can I receive automatic updates?
25. How do I find out when my Township Field Representative will be arriving?