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Waterway Square


Did You Know - Fun Facts about Waterway Square 2020

About Waterway Square

Waterway Square is a one-acre public plaza with unique water features and green spaces that serve as the centerpiece of The Woodlands. Experience the excitement of earth, wind and water in a synchronized choreography of motion and sound!

Hours of Operation

Waterway Square is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight. 

Songs that Play at the Fountains at Waterway Square
The Fountains at Waterway Square offer synchronized water movement alongside a rotating song playlist. A family-friendly musical selection adds to the already beautiful environment of The Woodlands Waterway. Water, music, and light shows occur every 15 minutes. View the blog for showtimes and playlists.

Sculptures and Art

  • "Light Balls Bench" by Manfred Kleinhofer
  • "Mipenipa" by Chris Miller
  • "Crete Bench" by Victoria Goldstein
  • "Treasures from Grandma's Purse Interactive Fountain" by Dixie Friend Gay