What work will be done on my cul-de-sac?

a.This program provides annual maintenance to small cul-de-sac islands including:
i. Mowing 42” strip around outside edge of island, if needed. Jumbo cul-de-sacs will be mowed to the tree line.
ii. Removal of fallen limbs and debris from open areas. Natural forested areas are to be left alone iii.Removal and/or trimming limbs hanging over the road up to 10’ above the ground
iv. Removal of forest debris, trash and litter
v. Edging the perimeter of the island
vi. Blowing around the curbs and gutters

b. This maintenance does not include:
i. Plant Replacement
ii. Irrigation repair
iii. Weed Control
iv. Decomposed granite maintenance
v. Concrete work
vi.Hardscape maintenance repair
vii.Pruning of shrubs and ground cover
ix. Mulch installation/replacement
x. Sod installation/replacement

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2. What work will be done on my cul-de-sac?
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