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Special Event Permit Pre Application

  1. Notice to Applicant

    • The information provided in this Special Event Pre-Application will determine if your event requires a Special Event Permit and if so, what other requirements apply. A subsequent Special Event Permit Application will then be required.
    • Applicants must comply with The Woodlands Township Special Events Policy and Procedures, Township Orders 019-09 and 020-09, and all other requirements of Montgomery County, Harris County or any other jurisdictional agency, District, or Covenant.
    • Applicants agree to follow local, state and federal Orders or Declarations and/or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Public Health Agency guidelines on disease control and prevention when organizing events and gatherings. Guidelines for events and gatherings are available from various sources including, but not limited to, the CDC and Department of Human Health Services.
    • The Township does not accept any authority for or liability of the health and safety of the event Applicant, participants, attendees, volunteers, vendors or sponsors. Applicant assumes all liability related to the health and safety of all those attending the special event. The Township does not disinfect or sanitize all park facilities including, but not limited to, equipment, amenities, restrooms and/or trash cans. 
    • Please note the information you provide becomes public information.
  2. General Information
  3. Event Details
  4. Location
  5. Will event occur on Township property, park, pathway or trail?
  6. Will event occur on a public road or street? *
  7. Will the event be advertised to the general public?*
  8. Will there be an admission fee charged?*
  9. Will the event include fundraising?*
  10. Will the event include inflatable or bounce house activities?*
  11. Will the event include the sale of goods, products, wares or services (excluding food or beverages)?*
  12. Will games, amusements, animals or similar entertainment activities be offered (excluding inflatables)?*
  13. Will Fireworks, Pyrotechnics or any other form of aerial or ground display be requested?*
  14. Will food or beverage be sold?*
  15. Will alcohol be consumed, sold or served?*
  16. Will the event be catered?*
  17. Will amplified sound, music or bands be present?*
  18. Will tents larger than 10 Ft x 10 Ft be used?*
  19. Will portable restrooms be used?*
  20. Will the sponsor, producer and/or agent obtain any & all requirements such as insurance, health permit, security, etc.*
  21. Will the event be sanctioned by any agency, body or professional organization?*
  22. Completing the Special Event Pre-Application does not reserve the facility identified above or ensure a Special Event Application will be approved.
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