Pool Pass Procedures

Pool Pass Memberships and Punch Cards

  • All sales of Pool Pass Memberships and Punch Cards are final and non-transferable
  • Lost, missing or stolen Passes or Punch Cards will not be replaced.  
  • Pool Pass Memberships and Punch Cards are only valid within the calendar year they are purchased. 
  • Pool Pass Membership Cards are included with the initial purchase of your Pool Pass. These cards are renewable each year. Please do not discard the Membership Card at the end of the season.
    • There is a $5 replacement fee for all replacement cards. Kids’ cards will be reprinted with new pictures if they no longer look like their pictures at no charge a minimum of every three years. 
  • Each person entering the pool facility regardless of age or intent to swim must present a valid Pool Pass Membership Card, a valid Punch Card or pay the daily admission fee. 
  • Pool Pass Memberships are not prorated or discounted at any point during the season. The same fee applies all season long, no matter the date in which they are purchased. 
  • Daily fees paid at the pool cannot be applied to the purchase of a Punch Card or Pool Pass Membership.
  • Family: up to two (2) adults and their children, or dependents; that are single, still in school, 21 years and under and/or be a physically and/or mentally disabled dependent. The family discount does not apply to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other extended family members, even if they reside at the same address. 
  • Receipt of Purchase obtained online or at the pools can only be used for seven (7) days to obtain entrance into any of the 13 pools. After seven (7) days you must provide a Pool Pass Membership card, these are obtained only at The Woodlands Township Recreation Center.

The Woodlands Township Season Pool Pass Request Form

Residency Requirements

Upon renewal or purchase of your season Pool Pass Membership or Punch Card you will need to provide your current driver’s license, or other official documentation, i.e. water bill, so residency can be determined.
  • Minor Children under the age of 17 visiting their family that lives in The Woodlands qualify for a Resident Pool Pass Membership. However, this purchase will not be subject to any additional discounts for the family, i.e. 5th person discount. 
  • Care takers who work for families in The Woodlands do not qualify for a Resident Pool Pass Membership unless they themselves live in The Woodlands. If they are a resident of The Woodlands, their purchase will not be subject to any additional discounts for the family in which they work for, i.e. 5 th person discount. 

Pool fees and schedule